An ode to my favorite Hotel in St. Tropez: MUSE




It is a ritual: I spend my birthday in Ramatuelle. Always in the same hotel and with with the same rhythm: upon arrival I will have my first glass of rosé of my favorite winery “Chateau de Pampelonne” at my favourite beach club, Tahiti Beach. I quickly say hi to Gina, Patrick's white fluffy dog (say hi to him and his team too, of course - but they are not even half as happy to see me as Gina) and enjoy the fabulous view of the sea.



So, just like every year, I am off to St. Tropez for my birthday. Only this time I find myself in new, male company who surprises me with- a new hotel to stay at which I am really not thrilled about at all! We are not off to a good start!

But then we arrive - in our neon green Fiat 500cc 😉 and – words just fail me: walking up a little pebbles path, a somewhat weird construction in raw brick pops up. No doors or windows, just an opening in the wall – and we find ourselves in Muse´s reception. An efficient and discreet iPad exchange later (and a lovely icecold lemonade), we are on our way across more pebbles to our suite.



Our Suite is “Sofia”- and it is simply breathtaking. A big high five to the interior-design team, since everything in here is at least a month worth of pictures and videos for Instagram, it is that beautiful. Plates of petit fours, cake and fresh fruits are sitting on the coffee table upon our arrival. iPod dock, DVD player, PlayStation, a Nespresso machine, free drinks in the minibar are also part of the treat. I head straight outside onto our balcony just to find out that we won’t even have to leave our room for a massage, since we have our own private massage table waiting right there.



Now I really can´t wait for my Apéritif, so we pop by Muse’s poolside and are overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of this place. Stunning sleek and chic design with luxurious cabanas in turquoise water. This is the definition of paradise.

That evening we have birthday dinner at Muse’s restaurant, simply named ‘M’. The menu is all about couldn’t-be-any-fresher fish, vegetables and Provençal herbs- everything beyond delicious. The view over the pool by candlelight and soft music then finally does the trick – I decide I never want to spend my birthday anywhere else again.



The next morning, we take a late and lazy breakfast by the pool and decide to forget about buzzling beach clubs for the day and “stay in” instead. Why move at all when you have paradise on your doorstep?



If you’re a traveller with high expectations, Muse will definitely tick all your boxes. A free shuttle takes you to the town centre (or Pampelonne and St Tropez beaches) and back, meaning once you arrive, just park your car and forget about it completely. The staff at Muse is welcoming, friendly and delightful, always there to assist. Muse is a peaceful haven and provides a blissful privacy.

One thing I will always remember and recognize anywhere in the world is its scent- it is called Esteban and represents for me the soothing calm of this heavenly place.

Next time I will tell you all about little bars and restaurants in St. Tropez if you don´t wine and dine at Muse.

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