6 Reasons to visit Hamburg

1.       Between the green forest villages in Wandsbek and the hip scene in Altona, Hamburg has many sites to discover


2.       Whether fresh fish from the market or exquisite delicacies in Alsterhaus- Hamburg is a true delicacies paradise.


3.       The atmosphere in the city after a light drizzle seems almost British, the many canals reminiscent of Venice – together a unique atmosphere.


4.       Hamburg is world famous for its fish cuisine. Less well known, but just as seductive are the North German art of baking and the coffee culture.


5.       With the Elbphilarmonie, an architectural work of art, Hamburg has set itself an imposing cultural landmark.



6.       In 1888, Emperor Wilhelm II opened the “Speicherstadt”.  Even today, in the old brick stores, it still smells of tea and spices. The “Speicherstadt” has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2015.

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