6 good reasons for Paris in summer

1. Paris is still the epicentre of great cuisine. The hearth virtuosos of Parisian star cuisine are still among the best in the world.


2. Most of the buildings in Paris survived the two world wars almost unscathed - the mix of old and new today is what makes the city special.


3. It is probably no coincidence that Paris is not only the capital of love and good food, but also that of art. From the Louvre to the Musée d'Orsay: the choice is huge.


4. A croissant or pain au chocolat fresh from the oven, a creamy lemon tart or a chocolatey eclair - the Parisian patisserie is full of sweet temptations - for me completely new with the world's best chocolate brioche or millefeuilles.


5. Speaking of baking art, a new bread culture has conquered Europe from Paris. Nowhere else is there such a good baguette and sourdough bread as here.


6. Life pulsates in the streets, alleys and parks. At the first rays of sunshine, the terraces are filled to the last place, the banks of the Seine invite you to picnic (and on Sundays also for dancing!). And in no other city do the haute couture houses present their fashion art as glamorously as here in the fashion metropolis.

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