Travel · 22. August 2019
We show you the MUST GO places and give you the names of the top notch bars and restaurants in the beautiful old town and elsewhere.
Travel · 06. August 2019
Crash course in savoir-vivre: Between high pleasure and high culture, the plump savoir-vivre awaits. In addition to highly decorated celebrity chefs such as Alain Ducasse, the bistro scene is also flourishing again in the City of Love.
Travel · 10. July 2019
First of all, we need to correct a prejudice: When it comes to rain, Hamburg is slandered. With an annual rainfall of about 750 millimeters, it rains significantly less in Hamburg than, for example, in Munich, Milan or Zurich. But the prejudice does have a real core: the number of rainy days is high. Even as a weekend visitor, you will most likely experience some rain. Because of these 6 reasons however, a visit is always worthwhile - despite the rain.
Travel · 08. June 2019
This is a declaration of love to the one & only MUSE, a hotel in Ramatuelle that sets new standards. I am truly and utterly in love with this place